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Chain operation is a good mode for branding and unified image, it is also an effective way to reduce the cost of logistics and warehouse, thus increasing its competitiveness. A chain business with dozens or even hundreds of branches is now quite popular for consumers, appliances, restaurants and the pharmacy industry.

Business expansion will be no problem for more branch openings, management and security. The Center is very necessary to gather information on the current conditions of each branch, which is not easy, and the branch manager also prefers to know well. All information about the shop, then do the actions accordingly.



TVT is fully analyzing chain-related security issues, and after many applications with customers, we start the solution as follows:

Branch Store

Introduction: Set up smart bullets or domes for access monitoring, calculate human flow and collect references for decision making.

Counter table: Install the pancake dome which is easy for two-way audio, remote management and training.

Warehouse: Intelligent attack or dome area, intrusion, goods maintenance and so on. You can easily install with functions like.

Storage: Use NVR in particular, connect to IPC and different types of alarm alarm devices.


Install the NVMS5000 with a flexible authority, the employee has different limits in different branches. Then you can manage real-time preview, playback, remote search and backup. It can also use the NVMS5000 to supervise and train employees.






Customer Advantages:

Improve management efficiency, remotely control the branch store's current conditions, ensure its regular operation and distance learning.

Collect the policy-making reference to track customer flow data, product promotion, and poster use, and arrange marketing policy accordingly.

To reduce operating costs with digital surveillance system, to adopt intelligent analysis technology, to reduce human cost effectively.

Check loss effectively. The solution enables VCA technology and sensor alarms, can prevent and check for unexpected events.

Enhance the image of the company, create an effective and harmonious working environment for management, and create a safe, comfortable and fully stocked environment for the customer.


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