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With the development of science and internet technology, new achievements in the school surveillance system are gradually adopted, a great help for student management and strong protection for personal and property safety on the entire school.

Now schools often feature with: large size, various branch schools, insufficient security staff and a large amount of students, but a weak sense of security. Over the years, we are increasingly insisting, with the demand forming a safe and advanced school security system.


This solution combines video surveillance system, vehicle management system, access control system and alarm system, integrating them all into a single system and connection, thus effectively improving school safety management.

Video surveillance system: As the foundation of the school security system, establishes HD cameras in the entrances, Premier and other internal areas, and places the central storage system and the TV wall matrix.

Vehicle Management system: With LPR and VCA technology, it can monitor all vehicles in the school completely.

Access control system: with access card solution, to control the entrance of the teaching building, dormitory and office building, to monitor the important parts within the school.

Alarm system: used for security audits and measures in key areas together with security personnel; Minimizes the occurrence of potential risks.




Customer advantages


Increase the level of safety and management at school.

The solution includes branches of various security systems; They force each other and together form a strong protection network for the school

Effectively prevent exam tricks with Video Surveillance

Improve teaching efficiency, parents can visit the school's website and control students' campus life, then the teacher can teach students remotely.


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