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With a far better quality of life, people are increasingly concerned about external communications, information service and security and property management in their homes. With its diversified, safe, comfortable and comfortable living environment, the housing community becomes the ideal destination for most families.

Video surveillance, Vehicle management, video intercom, and digital patrol systems are relatively independent, making system integration difficult, which is a big problem for Community administrators to manage.



After analyzing the daily needs of the owner and manager, TVT developed a multiple protection solution base in the video surveillance system.

Install the HD Camera as the first protective barrier in the main inputs, and you can also place the smart camera in a significant area.

Mount the camera and main entrance as the second barrier in the elevator lobby on each floor.

In addition, with the premier measure, the visual intercom, the digital patrol and the Vehicle management system, the administrative and security personnel can respond quickly to a variety of situations and at the same time accurately explain the actual circumstances in the emergency.






Customer Advantages

Intelligent management: trust the new technology and security system, reduce the uncertainty caused by human cost and human management, help the manager level improve service quality and efficiency

Remote home care: Home owners can do video surveillance at home, provide proper security, and look after the elderly and children remotely.

Additional service: With the latest framework, the various data interface is divided into the latest IoT, mobile internet and ICT, you can upgrade to a comfortable and comfortable smart community by accessing.


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