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With the rapid development of network communication technology and the continuous improvement of medical technology, strengthening of safety awareness and rescuing capability, creating a comfortable environment for treatment, and the creation of information and intelligent medical system, the focus is more on the health sector.

The hospital is known to be wide-flowing with various people. Moreover, in some places, the relationship between medical institutions and patients is challenging, which potentially threatens personal safety and hospital safety management of staff and patients.



After in-depth analysis and understanding of the health sector, TVT initiates a comprehensive medical surveillance solution;

Surveillance System: includes video monitoring, intelligent analysis (VCA), alarm system, access control and an access card solution.

Remote medical system: remotely visiting the baby, visiting the intensive care unit remotely, online expert counseling etc.




Customer advantages

Full placement :: Camera, all video surveillance in the hospital, environment, entrance, interior activity area and corridors, ambulatory treatment / admission permit, elevator / fire pass, parking area etc.

Intelligent analysis: around the perimeter detection detection, people in the lobby, abnormal behavior detection, LPR parking management, face recognition and black list face database comparison, alarm link control system and access control system.

Special application: high definition surgery teaching, baby remote visit, remote visits from intensive care unit and online expert counseling, medical training and case study.



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