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With the continuous development of surveillance technology, the video surveillance system is widely deployed and the scale grows slowly. The industrial parking solution, which demands a larger scale and more complex requirement, is becoming one of the most important security markets.

In recent years, due to technology limitations, independent video surveillance system, alarm system, parking system, access control system and digital patrol are separated from each other, cannot connect quickly, daily demands.



Based on the video system, along with the advanced intelligent algorithm, TVT video surveillance solution will be introduced in an important area.

With various sensor types, the surrounding environment can trigger the alarm immediately when the event occurs, as well as connection to the Video surveillance system, real-time monitoring and subsequent evidence.

Activate video surveillance and parking system at the main entrance, you can keep track, guidance and charge for vehicles

Distribute the access control system at the entrance of the office, factory and warehouse; The employee can enter the access card in the authorized area.

Deploy the digital patrol system, set the patrol points along with the main route, the ladder, the server room and the manpower patrol in the warehouse.





Customer Advantages

Based on the video surveillance system, integrate all security systems into a single management platform, you can use the data from different systems correctly and you can easily connect with each other and exchange data.


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